Our Watershed

Mattagami Region Watershed Map

MRCA Watershed Area

Located in northeastern Ontario, the MRCA has a watershed area of over 11,000 square kilometers. It consists of the entire Upper Mattagami River watershed and a portion of the Abitibi River watershed. As one of 36 Conservation Authorities in the province, it is the largest in size and the only one located within the Arctic Basin. The watershed includes the City of Timmins as well as Gogama and Shining Tree.

Our water management responsibilities are focused not only on ensuring we have clean and abundant water, but that the lives and property of our watershed residents are protected from the threats of flooding and erosion. We accomplish this through the regulation of construction and filling, the monitoring of our lakes and rivers, and the development of specific water management plans and programs. Much of this work is made possible by way of strong partnerships with local, provincial and federal agencies.

For more information, see our page explaining how we monitor our watershed.