Cover of the MRCA Trail Gide

The Timmins Trail Guide is available at the Conservation Authority Office for $2.00.

Conservation and natural areas protect valuable ecosystems and natural heritage features, such as wetlands, interior forests and sensitive wildlife habitat.

We have 4 conservation areas, including Gillies Lake, Hersey Lake, Mountjoy Historical and White Waterfront.

Whether you are walking or cycling, the city’s 45 km recreational trails system reaches out to the four corners of the community. With a hard packed rock surface, this trail network joins the community’s major conservation areas and many points in between. Rest areas, scenic overlooks and interpretive signs are a few of the system’s features. These properties offer excellent trails for hiking, cycling, cross country skiing and nature appreciation.

Detailed maps and information brochures are available for purchase at the MRCA office at Gillies Lake.